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  • Arabian Gou in my own personal style

    Two different background, wich do you prefer?


    I’m in a real pinch for school supplies and living costs (bugging my parents is out of the question) so…i’m putting up cheap-ish commissions for a limited period ⁽⁽ƈ ͡ (ु ˲̥̥̥́ ˱̥̥̥̀) ु⁾⁾ 

    •  sketches are for €10 
    • additional characters are + half of the original price 
    • i’ll do most things, but i might reject some things based on my own judgement, so we can discuss by e-mail and find a way around that
    • I’ll also do pixels like this andbut i’m not too sure about how much i should charge once more, so i’ll discuss by email.

    please contact beguegule[AT] if interested or spread the word, it’d mean a lot to me! 

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